1340 Tully Road suite 307
San Jose, California 95122-3055

Where: eFunding, Inc. 1340 Tully Road, suite 307, San Jose CA 95122
When: Saturday from 8:55AM to noon
Contact: Maria 408-288-5500 for schedule and sign up
Cost: FREE
Web: www.efundingcom.com

Why are seminars free?
eFunding believes you will benefit from what you learn from these seminars and are more likely to be successful in your investments. You will refer your family members and friends to do business with us later on. So it's a win-win for everyone. We always think long-term.

Are seminars presented by someone knowledgeable?
They are presented by David V. Tran, Chief Investment Advisor at eFunding, Inc. and the number 1 commercial real estate expert author in the US (out of over 210) on ezinearticles.com.

Are they any good?
"At first I was a little skeptical coming to David's seminar. But in 2 hours, I learned more about Commercial Real Estate Investing than I have from books or other investment programs."
Michael Cuthrell.

"I found it [seminar] very informative and well presented."
Steve Freeman, Stonecrest Financial.

"I enjoyed the seminar last Saturday. I thought it was an excellent introduction to commercial property investment."
Dr. A. Singh.

So what's the catch?
None. There are absolutely no obligations from attendees.

The seminar is presented by David V. Tran, Chief Investment Advisor of eFunding Inc. David is among the number 1 US commercial real estate expert author among over 210 on ezinearticles.com. His articles are also published on Goarticles.com, Ideamarketers, and Commercial RE Resource Magazine. He is also Pensco Trust's (a major self-directed IRA custodian) Preferred Professional.

How to Invest In Commercial Real Estate for Retirement Income NOW.
- Have you always invested in residential properties?
- Would like to invest in commercial real estate but don’t know where to start?
- Never thought about investing in commercial real estate?
- Need another source of income for retirement?
- Worry about volatility of the stock market?

If commercial real estate investment is a new territory for you, this free 3-hour seminar will provide you with what you should know before you invest:
- Commercial vs. residential investment properties.
- Commercial real estate terminology: cap rate, NOI, GLA, etc.
- Which type of properties should you invest? Shopping strip, apartment?
- How to choose a good investment property.
- Investment return
- Where should you invest?
- Leases: gross lease, net lease, & percentage lease. Which one investors prefer?
- Property Management issues.
- What you should know about financing for commercial properties.
- The offer process, due diligence.
Other companies charge up to $5997 for a similar seminar!

There are absolutely no obligations from attendees

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