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As someone interested in business, have you ever craved all the "nice things in life"? Perhaps so much so that you could say it was a strong driving force in motivating you each day?

Richard Wilkins had all that. The Ferraris, the multi million-pound mansion, the fortunes. As a self-made millionaire in the construction industry many would say that Richard had all the luxuries that so many of us work our socks off each day to have! However little did he know it at the time Richards world was about to be shaken up...

During the last "credit crunch" Richards business took a major blow. Not only did Richard lose his entire self-made fortune, but also went through a divorce and ended up in a place we all know as "rock bottom".

Have you ever heard anyone say to you "keep working hard, you'll get there one-day!". Perhaps you have said it to others? "oh well, I'll get there some day!". However if you were asked now to say where "there" actually was, would you be able to answer that question? On paper it would seem like Richard Wilkins certainly was there. He had all the money, all the possessions, and had achieved what he set out to do right? But it was only when he hit rock bottom that he realised he wasn't even close.

Richard's unique gift is to be able to compress huge wisdom into a simple format. A format that we can accept, understand and use with immediate yet lasting results.

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