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In the age of the Internet, no one can afford to be casual about media exposure. Every misspoken word, slip of the tongue, or misconstrued message lives on, captured in media engines like YouTube video. Don't want your audience to get the wrong message years after your slip-up? Judy Grant, founder and principal of Grant and Associates, shows us the obstacles to delivering clear, concise messages that you'd be proud to see again and again.

After years of both on and off camera work with CBS News, celebrity figures, and executives, Judy Grant knows that mastering the media game takes work, but the results are well worth it. Using actual video clips, Judy will share the obstacles that keep executives from handling the media well, avoid common missteps, and get the tips that will keep you composed and on-message. Appearing in the public eye should work for you, not against you - learn the top three mistakes most people make and how to avoid them.

Judy Grant founded Grant and Associates after many years in front of and behind the camera, including a stint with Dan Rather at CBS News in New York. Judy privately coaches and trains many top executives, celebrity figures and Bay Area news anchors. Grant and Associates is a media and public speaking training organization that teaches top executives how to capitalize on media opportunities in television, print, radio, video, and public speaking.

A few volunteers will also be selected for real-time coaching for news media interviews in this session.

$25 for members, $45 for non-members; $65 at door.

Official Website: http://www.hbsanc.org/events/EventDetail.asp?id=ETC0032/ETC0032

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