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Steve Parsons and Ciarán O'keeffe amuse with their horror stories from the world of paranormal investigation. They discuss equipment faux-pas, television investigations and unusual cases. As well as discussing ethics, and presenting the most extreme unethical stories, Steve and Ciarán candidly discuss hilarious cases brought to their attention and their most embarrassing moments investigating in the dark!

Ciarán is currently employed as a Research Associate at University of Toulouse specialising in Parapsychology and Investigative Psychology. He is also an associate of the Centre for Critical Incident Research at Liverpool University. He regularly provides a sceptical voice to various ‘paranormal’ shows (e.g. Living TV’s 'Most Haunted', and 'Jane Goldman Investigates') as well as numerous documentaries on the subject. A psychologist operating on science’s fringe, he's been involved in many unusual projects: the physiological effects of infrasound, ghost investigation of Hampton Court, an exorcism ‘training day’ and lie detecting for the movie ‘Spy Game’.

Steve is co-founder of Para.Science, an investigative group based in the North West of England. Steve has appeared on several documentaries focused on ghosts. His investigations and knowledge of all manner of ghostly things have been featured on National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel and the BBC. He even surfaced briefly on Living TV’s Most Haunted. He is currently studying for a PhD at Liverpool Hope University covering infrasound and haunting experiences.

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