Potomac River between Lincoln Memorial and Arlington Cemetery
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

UPDATE: 10:40PM, October 25, ...The 2000th death of a US troop has been announced. We have some changes in our plans. At tonight's DAWN meeting, we voted unanimously to begin the action at 5:30PM on Wednesday, October 26. The action will go until 6:45PM where we will assemble for a march to leave at 7PM. The march will go from the Memorial Bridge to the White House. At the White House, Codepink and Cindy Sheehan are holding vigil. There, Cindy and others plan on a die-in, at the White House, and may be arrested. They have agreed to move their action back to 7:30PM in order to synchronize our actions. We have officially endorsed the Codepink/Sheehan vigil. So come to the Memorial Bridge (a map relative to the metro station) and meet on the Virginia side (south side of bridge).

How Many More Must Die? Go to Memorial Bridge After 2000th Troop Death
(for more see http://www.dawndc.net)

All too soon, the number of US troops dead in Iraq will stand at 2000. Military Families Speak Out have called for actions when that regrettable moment comes to pass. The DC Anti-War Network (DAWN), in support of this call to action, and in strong support of the idea that the deaths of the 100,000, 150,000?, 200,000? dead Iraqis be remembered as well, call on us all to take action when that sad moment happens. Please go to the Memorial Bridge, between the Lincoln Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery (which is the nearest metro), and meet on the Virginia side of the bridge (south corner) at 5:30PM the evening following the announcement of the 2,000th death (if the death is announced before 9AM that day, the action will be that evening; if it is announced after 9AM, it will be the following evening ? we will let you know). Many will be wearing black. We also will be providing signs.

?How many more must die before you take action?? That is the theme guiding our particular action. As we struggled with how we should prepare for this action, we noted how sick it made us feel inside that we were planning for an action for the 2,000th US soldier to die knowing full well that some of those soldiers are still alive. Unfortunately, US policies in Iraq guarantee that the 2,000th death will be a reality, and so we are forced into the most cynical position of planning for an action while some who will be dead live right now. Furthermore, besides those 2,000 deaths, the figures at the time of this call?s posting show 15,120 US troops wounded, countless others returned home as casualties due to sickness or other reasons. Furthermore, this says nothing about the numbers of Iraqis killed. Since April 28 of this year, 5,610 Iraqis have died as a result of this war, and that counts only those who have been verified through primary sources, a number we must reasonably believe is well below the actual number. It?s been a year since the Lancet medical journal estimated that more than 100,000 Iraqis had died in Iraq as a result of the war, and so we have no idea how many have died since then. What?s more, how many Iraqis have been wounded? How many are sick? How many lives have been shattered? We know that whether we consider the number of US troops dead or wounded, or the total number dead or wounded, the number is far too high. This war was wrong to start with, based on lies and misinformation, is wrong today as the death toll mounts, and will be wrong tomorrow. How many more must die before we can tolerate this no more? How many more must die before you take action?

Please join us as we ask that question to motorists crossing the Memorial Bridge, and more importantly, please join us after this action ends. We need to convince people not to stand idly by as perpetual war rages on. We must take heart that the majority of people believe that this war was a mistake, but it won?t be enough until that majority stands with us in perpetual action. The Senate voted 97-0 this month for another $50 billion for Iraq war funding, even after 300,000 people took to the streets on September 24. These senators cannot be counted on to take on the Bush Administration. They also cannot be counted on to take action if we show up for one mass action and then go home. If they are going to listen, our action must be sustained. It really is up to us!

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The death total of US troops in Iraq is now 1999. Since we put out our call asking for people to go to the Memorial Bridge the evening after the 2000th death is announced, at least another 77 Iraqis have been killed (and perhaps more). Since 9AM has passed, the action will not happen before Wednesday evening at 6PM, meeting at the Memorial Bridge, Virginia side (south corner, nearest metro Arlington Cemetery). If we are lucky, the action may be as late as Thursday or Friday, but unfortunately the ongoing war in Iraq makes that hope grim.

Instead, tonight, the DC Anti-War Network (DAWN) will be meeting as scheduled from 7-9 PM at the offices of AFSC, 2211 14th Street NW, and we
invite you all to come and participate. While the past few days, this action has been the focus of our efforts, it is not the only thing we are currently working on.

Here are the current actions that DAWN is working on in earnest besides the action at the Memorial Bridge:

1. DAWN is helping with other groups organizing transportation and housing for the SOA Watch vigil, November 18-20. This will be a van trip, and the cost is $60. A button for tickets will appear on DAWN's website this morning for purchase by Paypal, but no matter what, you should also get information and make reservations with Gail Taylor, at [email protected].

2. DAWN has endorsed calls for direct action at recruiting stations put out by the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance and the National "Not Your Soldier" Youth and Student Day of Action. We have not decided on the action, though it is likely to involve street theater at a recruiting center, either November 17 or November 18. We are looking for fresh ideas and involvement. There may also be a direct action component to the action, though we have not yet decided. For more, please contact Pat Elder at [email protected]. In that vein, DAWN is also working with residents in Arlington who are forming an independent counter-recruitment group in Arlington. This meeting is November 3. To help or to find out more, please contact Malachy Kilbride at [email protected].

3. DAWN's outreach working group has plans to put together a student networking social for campus activist groups, though current events have sidetracked this effort somewhat. Nevertheless, we remain very interested in this effort and are looking actively for student groups who want to work with us on putting this together.

4. DAWN also has endorsed an ambitious call to action for March 2006, calling on groups nationwide to take local action to confront the war machine and specifically in DC to confront the war machine by taking direct action against The Pentagon. We've called for regional meetings, local spokescouncils, and such to make this happen. It's since been endorsed by TASSC, which is quite an honor for us. If you represent a group that wants to get involved or want to get involved yourself, coming to our meeting is a great way to do that. While we will be working with groups on holding open spokescouncils, at this early stage, it wouldn't hurt for a group to send a rep. Also, anyone wanting to help with DAWN's part of an action at The Pentagon, please come. For the call to action, see www.dawndc.net/float.php?annc_id=242&section_id=1 . Please email [email protected] to find out more or get involved.

5. DAWN also plans an educational forum or teach-in on Iran, specifically on the question of what the chances are that the US might start a war in Iran, what sort of war, and why we should care. For more details, contact Carol Moore at [email protected]

We hope to see you tonight; we're not so much looking forward to seeing you on the Memorial Bridge, but we hope you come nevertheless.

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