835 Market Street, 6th Fl., Main room 609
San Francisco, California 94103

We used to call it a "paradigm shift." Adapt or die. Heck, we used to call it revolution. Now we’re in a race to keep up or risk getting trampled by the internets.

If you're still combing the newspaper for jobs, looking for dates in dimly lit bars, searching main street for Tower Records, trying to find your friend Scott on his land line, or looking up at street signs stranded, confused or, god forbid, bored ...wake up! Your world's been flickred, twittered and dugg.

Join us and panelists from the most disruptive phenomenons changing the way we live. Let's face it . . . if you're not using Twitter, LinkedIn, craigslist, Facebook, digg, Flickr, Laughing Squid, ValleyWag, Google Earth, Bebo, BoingBoing, Skype, WordPress, eBay, Wikipedia, Second Life, 43 Things, Buzznet, Dodgeball, StumbleUpon or, (gasp) YouTube . . . then you just might step off the earth. Come see just how round the world has become.

Noah Glass , Maker of Companies, Odeo, Twitter, Tarma.cc...
George Oates, Principle Designer, Flickr
Jason Tanz , Business Editor, Wired
Moderated by Schlomo Rabinowitz, Evangelist of New Media & Blogger Galore

Official Website: http://www.bavc.org/innovationsalon/

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i'm adding this event to my watchlist simply cos its name is awesome.




"Twitter my Flickr" ought to be an Isaac Hayes song.