University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California

Organizer: American Freedom Alliance. The Principles on Academic Freedom and Academic Tenure, promulgated by the American Association of University Professors in 1915, remain, until this day, the most important framework for safeguarding the free exchange of ideas in the world’s institutions of higher learning. How true to that vision is the University today? Over the course of two days in June, the American Freedom Alliance will gather some of the most celebrated minds in the United States and abroad—scholars, academics, government officials and commentators—to address this question. Through dialogue, discussion and debate, the Conference will grapple with the fate of academic freedom around the world and the impact of foreign funding on teaching and University administrative policies. The future of Western democracy depends on a learning environment that is open and free. In its absence, Western civilization will be deprived of the necessary breadth of vision, intellectual balance and self-confidence crucial to the defense of its identity and freedoms. Ultimately, vigorous self-appraisal, debate and critical thinking are the life-blood of a viable democracy. We welcome you to this timely discussion.

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