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Xeequa - The Business Networking Company

"How business will change with social network.
How social networks change to support businesses"

Advertising effectiveness and lead quality is dramatically declining. Businesses need alternatives. One way is to strategically engaging in viral sales and marketing through networking.

* How business networking changes the face of customer engagement models
* How viral marketing can strategically be leveraged with networks
* How social networks change to accommodate professional business networking
* Business relations have their own rules and principles.
* Social business networks have some fundamental differences to personal social networks

Characteristics of business networks:
* It's people AND companies
* Provide full featured business introductions
* Business group development
* Business event management
* Opportunity / project collaboration
* Alliance development
* Support for corporate org structure
* No advertising

Learn about a whole new approach of social networking, from ground up developed for businesses.

5:30 Participants introduce themselves
6:00 Introducing and presenting the topic for this month
6:45 Group discussion
7:30 Individual networking

Who should come
Business people who strategically want to leverage viral marketing. Marketing manager who like to learn how social networking may help with their go to market strategy. Alliance managers who like to strengthen their partner network.

Get inspired how social business networks may change the face of your business and provide a new competitive weapon to fight even much larger competitors.

Event fee ($35) can be payed at the event
Xeequa customers are free (need your Xeequa ID)

Official Website: http://www.xeequa.com

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