41-43 Portland Road
Hove, England BN3 5DQ

Welcome to The Tuttle Club Hove branch!

What's this about?

The Tuttle Club is a loose association of people finding a way of working better together both online and off. We have a regular weekly meeting every Friday from 10am down at the Westwerks in Portland Road - click the wiki link below for more details and signup page.

The Tuttle Club started in London and there are a growing number of branches around the world.

10.00am we'll be meeting at the Westwerks 41-43 Portland Road BN3 5DQ, a couple of doors down from the co-op as you go towards Brighton.

If you can't make it in person you can also join us online at http://schmooze.phreadz.com (there's a beta signup link there)

All welcome to sit, chat, drink coffee, do some work, meet old friends, find some new workmates, stick around for lunch, start an exciting new business, plan a rave... whatever bag you're into.

SPONSORSHIP: If you would like some more exposure and the love of many people, please do consider sponsoring us! For as little as £10 you can reach lots of people - that will also help a few eat pastries at the meetings!

If you want to order a bacon sarnie or your fave brekkie, add details to the wiki and the lovely Russell from Russell's Organic Deli http://www.russellsdeli.co.uk will make it for you.

Official Website: http://hovesocialmediacafe.pbworks.com

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