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The best first dates start in the dirtiest way.
What would you do in order to know you connected with another human being on a level that nature intended you to attract? All it takes is a dirty t-shirt and an open mind – and an open nose. We are talking pheromones, folks. The naturally occurring chemical substances that trigger specific mating responses and are the force behind the animal kingdom’s social behavior, influencing how we develop, bond, procreate and nurture each other.

Pheromones don’t have an odor and are sensed by an organ in the nasal passage that transmits a message to the brain.
This is where the dirty t-shirt and party come in. The t-shirt absorbs your pheromones which are unmasked by deodorants and artificial fragrances. This “dirty” t-shirt then lives in a plastic sealable bag until the party where other humans bring their bagged pheromone shirts as well. Unleash your animal instincts and mix, mingle and sniff.

It’s a lot of fun and is taking NYC and LA by storm. The goal of the party is to pair up those whose pheromones attracted and let nature take its course from there. HSS presents its second Pheromone Party at the Nouveau Art Bar in downtown with partner, Amber Rountree Neal. The elegant yet unpretentious atmosphere is the perfect canvas for this trend-setting party.

* Party starts at 7pm and ends at 10pm
* Plenty of parking on the street and in lot
* Meet one of Houston's top matchmakers and Pheromone party co-host Amber Rountree Neal

This event is free for HSS members and only $15 for guests in advance and $20 at the door. Not a member? Not to worry, just visit http://www.TheHoustonSocialSource.com and see what we have in store for you! If you are not a member call 713 630 0546 or email [email protected] to RSVP.

Official Website: http://www.TheHoustonSocialSource.com

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