2128 Portsmouth St.
Houston, Texas 77098

Join us for another engaging non profit technology meetup at Stag's Head Pub.

Here's our updated nonprofit technology discussion, should be a great meetup!

This month we'll be talking to Jeremy Dilbeck of HyperAlert (www.hyperalert.com) about the increasingly important use of technology for communicating during times of crisis.

SMS, RSS, Twitter, PFIF, oh my! How are we utilizing the technologies available to us for emergency communications? What tools or technologies are we missing? Looking forward, what are processes we can put into place in our schools, companies and general public that will enable us to take advantage of available resources and potentially save lives?

Come with your ideas, wish lists and experiences communicating with technology as Jeremy discusses his vision for the technology-driven communicative future.

Official Website: http://netsquared.meetup.com/3/

Added by happykatie on April 17, 2007