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For the Month of August 2007 @ Blim Gallery
Blim presents:

Hot Tater Art Show
New Mural and Diorama by Terry and Owen Plummer.

Hot Tater Art Show by Terry and Owen Plummer
Consists of a mural with 3d triangle floating faces, classical sizzling hamburgers piled high, Janitor coney, and Terry's new Canadian national mascot, the 13-eyed Moosehead. All together in a made-up art gallery setting with Curator.
Window diorama will be a tribute to Summer's hot August nights, potatoes sitting around a campfire from which a demon figure emerges.

Hot Tater Art Fair: guests include Perro Verlag (www.perroverlag.com), launching Hell Passports by hellish artists Mark Connery, Roy Green, Wesley Mulvin, The Scheise Wives, Terry Plummer and Owen Plummer.

Islands Fold (www.islandsfold.com) will have a table of wonderful assorted books.

Launching also a book by Danielle MacDonald and Owen Plummer, 'Marshmellow Farts'.

Music provided by - fresh out of the garden and ready for the table - The/Les Poutines! (www.myspace.com/lespoutines, www.myspace.com/pooteenz), and the not so famous (yet) DJ Spudo.

Growing up in the Queen Charlotte Islands, Owen was surrounded by the powerful imagery of the Haida and his artwork pays homage to the Totemic for. The figures in his drawings are a chimerical mix of human elements, land and sea creatures, plant life, and images of religion and mythology. Together, they form a supernatural world that celebrates richness and bizarreness of the unseen world.

Terry works primarily in sculpture and illustration. She explores concepts of nationalism, popular culture and the natural world using textiles and wry humour. investigating the connections between nature, politics and the Canadian psyche, she uses iconic figures to lead the viewer on a tour of manufactured landscapes where savage beasts lurk in an unsettlingly passive way.

Opening:Saturday August 4th, 8-11 PM.

Exhibition: Runs August 4- 25

Official Website: http://www.blim.ca

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