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The aim of this course is to highlight and explain various photographic techniques, qualities, and effects, using practical exercises and simple technical information. The course will get you to think more creatively about the style and content of your photography.

This course is taught by Kevin Meredith AKA lomokev from flickr and author of the instructional photography book “hot shots”. Kevin has been a published photographer for 12 years and has worked for a diverse clients that range from Dr martians, Playstation and V&A museum. Kevin became well known in the early 00’s for his use of cheap compact film cameras while the rest of the world was going digital.

Day one you will cover:

* Getting the most out of your camera whether it is a shiny new DSLR or a zone focus film camera like a lomo LCA
* What makes a good subject
* How do you approach composition
* Making shooting simpler – reducing decisions that have to be made before you take a shot.
* How to make the most of the lighting you have and basic flash techniques
* How to approach strangers to get take their portrait
* Photography exercise: shooting a list of 66 subjects in 3 hours.

After a morning of learning about composition, subject and simple camera techniques we will go out onto the streets of Brighton with a list of 66 photographs to shoot on 2 rolls of film (you can shoot digitally if you wish). The exercise is designed to get you thinking creatively about your photography and thinking fast so you never miss a photo opportunity again. Kevin will spend one on one time with each student during the exercise as well as take part so that you can see what he achieves too.

Day two will cover:

* A review of the work covered on the previous week, you will also get to see what the tutor shot so you can see not every shot a pro takes is a good one.
* Photoshop essentials, This is not an in depth Photoshop tutorial but you will be shown the bare essentials in order to get your film scanned and pics looking up to scratch.
* How to look after and manage an archive of your digital photos and their negative cousins.

On day two we will review all the photographs shot from last week including Kevins and you will be advised where you can make room for improvement. After the review students will head out onto the street to shoot a self set photography brief so you can learn how to approach a subject more in depth. The second days shoot will be shot digitally so that the work can be reviewed once the students get back to the studio. To finish off we will look at what to do once you have shot your photos, how to look after an ever expanding photo collection, basic photoshop and how to get your work seen by a wider audience.

This course is aimed at:

* Beginners in photography
* Lomo lovers
* Professionals and Amateurs that need kick start their creativity.

Official Website: http://garage-studios.co.uk/courses/hot-shots-lomokev

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