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The music making partnership of Alexis Taylor, Joe Goddard, Owen Clarke, Al Doyle and Felix Martin came into existence in gradual stages, and has culminated in their third album 'Made In The Dark' the follow up to the gold selling, Mercury Music Prize nominated album 'The Warning'.

The nuclei of the band Taylor and Goddard, school friends who found common ground and began to make home recordings using an odd assortment of cheap synthesizers, guitars and percussion. Clarke, another school friend, joined the duo soon after, impressing them with his quick-witted playing and rather devious musical experiments.

The end product of this era was the first full Hot Chip album 'Coming on Strong', released by Moshi Moshi Records.
'The Warning' represented a great step forward in terms of song writing and production, though the album was still recorded exclusively at home and without recourse to a professional studio (though they were grateful to DFA for the offer).

Hot Chip have been informed by 2 years of touring across the globe taking in Australia and Japan and are about to embark on a tour of South America. Incredibly they sold out Somerset House in under a day. Live music has always been at the heart of the band, so it seems inevitable that the new album 'Made In The Dark' captures some of the band's performances in a more traditional, rock music fashion. Powerful amplifiers, keyboards and distortion have all crept into the Hot Chip arsenal.

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