129 St. Marks Place
New York City, New York 10009

Are you ready for your little slice of heaven? Well, you have to wait. This big weekend beer event is not scheduled for a few more weeks. Specifically, the weekend of March 3rd and 4th. We're getting hoppier by the day! Here is the list so far:

Arcadia Hopmouth
Avery Majaraja
Bells Hopslam
Blue Point IIPA
Bullfrog Edgar IPA
Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA
Great Divide Hercules
Harvest Moon Hops2 Imperial IPA
Otto’s Double D IPA
Rogue I2PA
Russian River Pliny the Elder
Sly Fox Odyssey
Triumph IPx
The brewers art; using perhaps just water, barley malt, hops and yeast. Choosing amongst the varietals, deciding how much of an ingredient to add, and when in the process. Like a great chef, but not. If you've tried Russian River for example, you wonder why so few brewers can be that great. But its true, greatness is hard to come by, and here, in Hop Heaven, it won't be. All extraorinarily hoppy and artisitc brews. Its almost here.

Official Website: http://hopdevil.com

Added by Copperhead on February 17, 2007