#1329-1331 Middle Huaihai Road
Shanghai, Shanghai


These aren't the hooligans that go crazy over football.

No, these five guys simply share a common passion for music and their music is listed #1 on their crucial list. They don't care what the world thinks of them nor do they give any concerns to how others might see them. These people, they're just a group of perhaps simple-minded and perhaps somewhat odd men who go crazy for music. They are THE Hooligans.

As long as they're making and playing their music, they've got nothing in the world to fear. What's more, the second you really listen to their music, you'll be no different from them. They may be rough sometimes but then again, there's no one who can be softer. They may sometimes appear to be a monster, but there's no doubt that there are none who's more kind-hearted then these people.

These five guys who react so passionately under the name of music, no questions asked, they are THE Hooligans.

If you have only one chance to see the Hooligan's performance, you'll be falling in their talents and performance about the power of their understanding on various genre.

Hooligan, they have the record for most live performance -about 200 times a year, live clubs, university festivals and on airs- every where in Korea.

In 2006, they went over Korea and had perfomances in German and Japan. So they can be the representative Korean Rock band.

tel 13321939299
tickets 88RMB open bar

Official Website: http://www.clubbonbon.com

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