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New Orleans Voodoo and Rootwork consist of a large body of African folkloric practices and beliefs with a considerable admixture of American Indian botanical knowledge as well as European folklore and Haitian Vodou. Hoodoo is considered more generalized and implies a more simple version of these practices.

Learn how to conduct spiritual readings and work with the Spirits of the Dead. We will also try and establish a link with the spirit of Marie Laveau, legendary Witch Queen of New Orleans. She was a fascinating and intelligent woman of African, Caucasian and Native American ancestry, who shaped our perception of African and Afro-Caribbean spirituality to this day.

Topics include:

- The Spirit of Marie Laveau
- Working with the Ancestors
- Setting up a spirit altar
- Communicating with the Spirits
- Graveyard Spells
- Divination systems
- Dream Work
- Sprinkling and spraying Clients

A mayor part of this level is the development of mediumistic abilities and the cooperation with spirits, ancestors, or guides/guardians to conduction spiritual readings. You will also learn how to create personalized baths, oils and spells with the help of these spirits

We will also continue working with the Voodoo Doll we prepared in the Foundation Level.

Recommended reading for this level:
?Witchcraft and Welfare?
by Raquel Romberg
ISBN 0292771266


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