1871 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43210

The Power of Kangwon Province
The Day a Pig Fell into the Well

// Double Feature

Thu, Feb 9, 2006 | 7:00PM
Film/Video Theater

Influenced by such European film masters as Eric Rohmer, Robert Bresson, and Michelangelo Antonioni, Hong Sang-soo expands the modernist legacy through his rich depictions of human experience.

Second feature start time: 9 pm.

Hong is deservedly famous for splitting his films into separate but interconnected halves. He employs this device with astonishing flair and subtlety in The Power of Kangwon Province, a remarkable account of the parallel vacations taken by a man and a woman who recently ended their clandestine affair. (110 mins.) The Day a Pig Fell into the Well, Hong's acclaimed debut film, is a dark, surprising ensemble film about the lives of urban professionals and artists that builds to the most dramatic and tense climax of the director's career. (115 mins.)


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both are, of course, extrodinary. and now on a big screen!

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