1329 Huahai Lu (near hengshan lu)
Shanghai, Shanghai

Start in March , every wednesday night after indie rock bands live show, there is a whole new entertainment - FAME!

What is FAME?

How many chances in a lifetime does one get to lead live rock band?
Rock Karaoke was born in New York and quickly spread to major cities Paris, London, LA, . The premise is simple -- it's karaoke, but instead of a KTV Box, you're on stage in the city's most popular club, and instead of cheezy singalong DVDs there's a live hard rock band backing you up. Pick a song off the playlist and go for it! It's big it's loud and you're in the spotlight. The Open Bar helps you get into the rock and roll all night and party every day spirit.

bonbon club (middle huai hai rd #1330)
9pm-11pm rock bands live show
after 11pm rock karaoke!

3.21 Wednesday
Bands: Honeys / Rock Karaoke
Entry:88RMB open bar

Shanghai rockers "The Honeys' are making big waves in the international music industry having just completed recording with top UK production/engineering duo Safta Jaffery and George Shilling whose collective cred extends into multiplatinum land having collaborated with Radiohead, Muse, Stone Roses, Soundgarden, Soup Dragons, Teenage Fanclub, and Primal Scream to name a few. The Honeys dig into the raw sounds of Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, TheCure and Depeche Mode to create Shanghai's hardest rock party night.

Added by roxycui on March 6, 2007