11th St. & Folsom
San Francisco, California

This week's guest discaire is Ben Aqua.

Ben is a photographer and new media artist based in Austin, Texas. Born 1981 Brooklyn, NY. He is a founding member of the photo team OK! FRESH and art collective Totally Wreck Production Institute. His work has been published in NYLON Magazine, ARKITIP, XLR8R, and Fecal Face.

Ben is also a multiple genre musical wizard. His Mvsclz project for Disco Lovers was discovered by a Honey DJ during an at-home psychedelic experience. (during which one of Ben's mixes played over and over and over).

Further investigation uncovered his speed metal project ASSACRE, blog, portfolio, photo team, myspace, life updates, bookmarks, playlist, webcam...a giant golden entertainment empire.

If you are sitting at your desk with time to spare, this multi-creative universe is worth a visit. Listen to MVSCLZ Black Magic Mountain Mix while gazing at a billion pixel spectacle on OKFresh or the blog Aquabotic. It's a forbidding taste of what to expect this Sunday at the Honey loft.

Official Website: honeysoundsystem.com

Added by Ken Vulsion on February 4, 2009

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