198 Church St. by Market St.
San Francisco, California 94110

We are pleased to announce our next party,with very special guests Part Time Punks from Los Angeles. DJs Michael Stock (the designer behind the superb PTP flyers) and Benny White (member of Gogogo Airheart ) join us as we pay respect to the Punk, Post-punk, New Wave, No Wave, and Ofshoot selecting that has built them a cult fan base for their weekly dancefloors and radio shows. Their Sunday night club at the Echo (in Echo Park, Los Angeles) always features handpicked live bands that match the forward thinking rock music that the Part Time Punks have become favored for. Their first club appearance in the Bay Area, they are no strangers to the scene having hosted performances by some SF bands like Tussle, Floating Corpses, Lemonade, Clipd Beaks and more. Appearing with Part Time Punks is Honey Soundsystem's DJ Ken Vulsion. First 40 guests will receive a free copy (the last of the batch!) of the sampler Fear and Excitement in San Francsico HNY's Pee Play put together. Featuring tracks (never before available on CD) by Tussle, CLAWS, Lemonade, Clipd Beaks, Bronze, and Mi Ami this DIY release is limited to 300 and will never be available again. $5 at the door all night.

Official Website: http://www.honeysoundsystem.com

Added by Ken Vulsion on September 23, 2007