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The hottest disco is going to be dropping like autumn leaves this Sunday at Honey. We have two choice, exclusive guest discaires this week: Danny Clark of Late Nite Audio London, and My Cousin Roy of Wurst Music NYC. To get this party started we have a Dos Equis beer bust from 9 til 11 - all you can quaff for $7 !


Danny began his love affair with vinyl from an early age. Parliament, George Clinton and Rick James rank as some of his early influences. He was lucky enough to have parents that had a vast record collection and had worked with artists from likes of The Who to Manu Debango. First came a sampler keyboard in the form of a Casio SK, in 1982, and Roland TR606 from here his love with electronic music production began. During his early teens Danny began to grow his music collection and tastes starting with a vast tape collection. Deep US garage and Chicago House Music captured his imagination in ‘88 as his collection grew. He then moved from tapes to vinyl format at 16 yrs of age.

In the mid - late 90’s Danny landed a residency for club night Exposure with peers like Tayo and Rob Da Bank. He would warm up for guests like Andrew Wethweral, Leftfield’s Paul Dailey, and Alex Knight month after month to a south London crowd that would be the foundation of things to come. In the late 90’s Danny held a residency and Ministry of Sound and worked across the tours and live events department. From this his collection and profile started to grow even further with guest spots at many clubs in London and further afield. Highlights being underground warehouse gigs for Basement Jaxx Rooty parties with Frank Tope and Tayo. From then on Danny began to co-promote Kink - an underground warehouse party off Old st E1 that would form the shape of things to come over the next 8 yrs. This was a word of mouth only gig that took place monthly for only those in the know. This was to be a residents only party but the vibe and the reputation of the gig grew so much Kink had to move from being a 300+ crowd to a 800+ crowd in a matter of months.

What followed this was Remedy at new night club at the time, Herbal. Guests included Marshall Jefferson, Kid Batchelor, Inland Knights, Bugz in the Attic, Phil Asher, Frank Tope, and Strutt Recordings to name but some. From then onwards Danny began to pick up more international guest spots in NY and Ibiza and had a residency at Pacha in the late 90’s.

From this point Danny moved on to production of music festivals stages putting on line ups for gigs like Love Box, Bestival, Field Day and Glastonbury. Late Night Audio came together as an idea in 2006 when a common interest began to grow between Danny and Toby Tobias of late night deep and emotive grooves.

The only natural progression was to give birth to a new night that was soon to become legendary. In the early days the LNA brand truly lived up to it’s name with the dance floor not stopping at a certain East London basement til 9.00am with the crowd cheering to tracks such as Eddie Grant Time Warp and Ame Engole! The parties progressed to Visions Video Bar and the label was born. At present Danny Clark runs Late Night Audio projects with recording partner Toby Tobias, Will Mills, Charley Esson and their Debut artist DAS VOLT. Music policy – House, Detroit, Proto Funk, Afrobeat and Discoid influenced Flavors.

Guests joining Danny and Toby have included : Glimpse (Live), Tobias Becker (Kompakt), Pete Herbert and Phil Mison (Reverso 68), Neil Thornton, Johnny Hiller (Lazermagnetic), Geddes (mulletover), Cyril K (Dialect Records), Tom Demac Live (Audio Electronique), The A Human (Live), Baby G (L.S.B - Barcelona) Dan Berkson and James What (Pokerflat-Live),Fabrizio Mammarella, Brontosaurus, Frank Tope, Mark E, Rob J,Diesel (X-press 2), Jimpster, Radioslave, Serge Santiago, Bill Brewster, Dan Foat (Wild Geese), Audio Fly (Mood Music), Trickski (Sonarkollektiv - Berlin), David Phillips (Space - Ibiza), Kurrage & Shiver (Size doesn’t matter, Inside Out/Product of Society DJ’s - Sheffield, Gavin Herlihy (Mood Music/Mixmag, Hector (Phonica), Luke Solomon (Rekids, Cajual , Classic Records), Johnny Rock (Freaks, MFF), Gavin Fraser (Tirk Records), Floating Points and so many more ...


A mix to mark the Late Night Audio Party at Honey Soundsystem San Francisco, November 2009. On this mix you will find a selection of tracks from the Late Night Audio archives and from pre-release Late Night Audio tracks for 2010. Included in this mix is the new hot remix from Motor City Drum Ensemble out Feb 2010, exclusive tracks from Danny Clark and Toby Tobias and some Late Night Audio unreleased Edits. Enjoy.
LINK: http://www.sendspace.com/file/kbm5pb

1) Hiroshima Odiri: Echoes (4:28) : Arista Recordings
2) Patti Duke : Cloud One : East Side Recordings (Re-issue)
3) Cold Modina : Re-Edit
4) Gayle Adams : Love Fever : Prelude
5) Toby Tobias : Macasu : (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix) : Late Night Audio Recordings (Unmastered)
6) Barbara Tucker : Duck Beats : Strickly Rhythm : (6.00)
7) LIME : Your My Magician (Instrumental) : (7.32)
8) N.Y.C Beats : CDR
9) Patti Labele : Looking for Loving : (Unknown Edit)
10) Open House : Seven Day Weekend : Lethal Recordings (5.48)
11) Danny Clark & Toby Tobias : Deep Distraction : Late Night Audio Recordings (Unmastered)
12) Jermain Jackson : Lets Get Serious : Motown.
13) Grackle : Jungle : Unit 4 Mix : Discos Capablanca
14) Toby Tobias : Paradise Dub : CDR (Unmastered)
15) Fuckaponydelic : Switch The Light : White Test.
16) Azari & III : Hungry for The Power : Permanent Vacation : CD



"Another one of the new disco-edit dons taking over NYC nightlife lately is My Cousin Roy, C.E.O. of vinyl-only dance label Wurst Edits, amped host of Wurst Monthly at New York club APT, and inimitable party machine. Roy's music takes on the "stoked on life" approach, where disco beats and vocals are mashed up and used to create dance club happy vibes. While being totally geeky, it's not exclusive, so even someone with no real knowledge of disco can still get down without being bogged down by a million different edits of super obscure '70s fodder. Disco-edits for the everyman, basically." - rcrdlbl.com

"Wurst Edits originally started as a way for me to get my own edits of obscure punk-funk and weirdo disco out. I had done a bunch of edits of these “unclassics”, as Morgan Geist puts it so eloquently, had some friends and relatively well-known DJs playing them and figured, what the hell, l’ll press ’em up myself. I came up with the Wurst name and decided to do something crazy with the 12” sleeve design and see what happens.

The first release received play from heroes of mine, like Carl Craig and Prins Thomas, and I figured I was onto something. My old friends Jacques Renault and Marcos Cabral, aka Runaway, had just started tinkering around in the studio around then, and their first production was an edit. Rather than just splicing and rearranging an old tune to make it new and fresh again, they went the extra mile and added instrumentation with synths, and so the second release in the Wurst Edits series was born. These two initial 12s formed the basis for Wurst Edits’ aesthetic — we all went beyond simple editing, i.e., looping beats or cutting bits out to make it more DJ-friendly — to radically rework these relatively wacky, old songs we loved. Two and a half years and four releases later — six in total — and I decided to stop Wurst Edits in favor of putting out original music. Wurst Edits RIP — welcome to The Wurst Music Co." - Roy Dank as told to The Daily Texan


Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/honeysoundsystem

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