75 Cowcross Street
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"Neave Brown is best known in Britain for his work for LB Camden Architect’s Department, including the Alexandra Road Estate, but has also worked in Italy and the Netherlands. He is thus a rare example of an architect who has built housing ‘Home and Away’ and here he talks about his work and its influences."

Part of the series ‘Home and Away’ : Interchanges of ideas on Housing between Britain and Europe in the Twentieth Century:

"The lecture series focuses on the interplay of continental influences: how we gave Europe the Garden City, and they in return gave us more sophisticated ideas of designing housing and especially flats, from Garchey systems to point blocks and prefabrication. The series will focus on all aspects of housing, including architectural style, construction and objects in the home."

Official Website: http://www.c20society.org.uk/docs/events/lectures.html

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