6801 hollywood blvd
hollywood, California 90028

Grandstand Tickets -- $35.00 each

Call: 1-866-PARADE1

A parade for all ages. Come celebrate the beginning of the Holiday Season!

Official Website: http://www.hollywoodsantaparade.com

Added by extrahands on November 10, 2008



Hollywood "Santa" Parade?????? Bring back "Christmas" parade..........


So kids are $35 also?? Thats a little pricey!


I have been going to the hollywood christmas parade for 15 yrs now, and this has been the worst Ive ever seen. Unfortunatly, I wasted gas money,getting up early to sit on hollywood blvd and get my spot early, money to eat, and the $20 i spent on parking. For what?? I didnt recognize but 2 stars { from young and the restless} . It was like the parade people begged for the" pinky swear girls" to come just so we could use some spots up. There were about 20 cars that went by ( with stars we never heard of) and the streets were so quiet with no yells or waves from the crowds , because no one knew who they were !. I sure hope the people of los angeles dont watch this parade on TV cause it will be a waste of their electricity. I'm the kind of parade Mom who makes signs out of glitter saying "Merry X-mas" and " hollywoods santa parade 2008",, and invites people who have never been too,,,and plays board games to pass the time while waiting the whole day for the big event,,,, But what I saw was soo sad,,,Wonder if I should go next year ???????????????????????