1260 6th Ave
New York, New York 10020

Dalai Lama - Radio City Music Hall NYC
The Diamond Cutter Sutra - 70 Verses On Emptiness Oct 12-14

His Holiness the Dalai Lama will return to New York for three days of teachings on the Diamond Cutter Sutra and Seventy Verses on Emptiness by Nagarjuna. These two texts convey Buddhism's most profound teachings on the wisdom aspect of the path to enlightenment. Hosted by The Tibet Center and Healing the Divide, the teachings offer an extraordinary opportunity to receive the essential wisdom teachings and core insight of the Buddha.

Please be advised that tickets will not be available via the box offices for this event - only through Ticketmaster online & special vanity Ticketmaster phone number: (212) 307-5554.

Radio City Music Hall: This is a series event which is sold as a package. Each package includes all 5 of the following sessions: October 12 – 13, 10 am & 2 pm and October 14, 10 am only.
Sessions CANNOT be purchased individually.
http://www.thegarden.com/index.jsp (type in October to find)
For more information, please visit http://www.dalailamany.org/. (Being updated) "Event schedule and ticket information will follow shortly. Please practice patience as we continue to update http://www.dalailamany.org/ Thank you."

Official Website: http://www.radiocity.com

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Here's the link that get's you directly to the info site at thegarden.com:
Juuuust a little too expensive if you ask me...


if $80 tix were still available, that wouldn't be too bad ... for 5 sessions, that's only $16/session. but the only ones left are $230 or $330...