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His Holiness, The 14th Dalai Lama returns to Radio City Music Hall for a two-hour teaching on "The Four Noble Truths," hosted by the Himalayan Buddhist Community USA.

The teaching is about "The Four Noble Truths", first introduced by Siddartha Gautama, who later became Lord Buddha after obtaining enlightenment, broadly encompasses four aspects of human suffering, namely, the truth of suffering, the cause of suffering, the cessation of suffering and the path to the cessation of suffering.

To meet a broader audience, the teaching will be broadcasted in FM simultaneously, in other languages. For additional information, visit http://dalailamanyc2008.org/

'There exists nothing within this vast space that cannot be healed by genuine compassion'. - HH The Dalai Lama. This is once in a lifetime experience to hear His Holiness intimately explain us the very core of human suffering, popularly phrased as "The Four Noble Truths." ... Go to 'Teachings' to learn more.
Tickets range from $40 thru $1,000. We expect all the tickets to be sold out quickly. Tickets can be purchased through one of the following Organizations or via Online.
Himalayan Organizations - Only members may contact the Organizations. Non-members have to purchase tickets online or contact us through email.
Tibetan Org Purchase Tickets by PayPal
$40 (few left) $50 (few left) $100 $200 $500 $1000
Ticketmaster link coming soon...

When the great universal teacher Shakyamuni Buddha first spoke about the Dharma in the noble land of India, he taught the four noble truths: the truths of suffering, the cause of suffering, the cessation of suffering and the path to the cessation of suffering. Since many books contain discussions of the four noble truths in English, they (as well as the eightfold path) are very well known.1 These four are all-encompassing, including many things within them.
Considering the four noble truths in general and the fact that none of us wants suffering and we all desire happiness, we can speak of an effect and a cause on both the disturbing side and the liberating side. True sufferings and true causes are the effect and cause on the side of things that we do not want; true cessation and true paths are the effect and cause on the side of things that we desire.

Official Site http://www.dalailamanyc2008.org/

Official Website: http://www.radiocity.com/events/hh-dalai-lama-0708.html?s7876c20042478o53478t7899n35043e

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http://dalailamamatters.com/ Robert Thurman's video introduces "Why H. H. the Dalai Lama Matters" Which offers a positive vision. Read and see more video revelant to World Peace, Free Tibet, and our Buddhist community news. Through Peace, Paitence, Love & Tolerance, with thinking Positive all things are possible. http://dalailamamatters.com/2008/05/15/introducing-why-the-dalai-lama-matters/#more-77
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Where: Books & Books bookstore Miami, FL for talk and book signing
When: Wed, Jun 25, 7pm – 11pm

Updated 5/23/8: I called Books & Books. They do their book signing at the Coral Gables store.
Books & Books Inc‎ - 265 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, FL
(305) 442-4408
Peace LI