1218 Cartwright St., Granville Island
Vancouver, British Columbia V6H3R

Tues - Sat, 8PM; Sat & Sun, 2PM
Free preview: Mar 1
2-for-1: Mar 3, 2PM
Bean Around the Play: Mar 4, 2PM
Talkback: Mar 6
Tickets: $24/20
Single tickets at Tickets Tonight: 604.231.7535

by Amiel Gladstone | directed by Katrina Dunn | starring Lara Gilchrist, Keegan Macintosh and Andrew McNee

1970s Vancouver: a hotbed of hippie idealism. Star stumbles home from a Led Zeppelin concert with a young draft dodger and sets in motion a freaky love triangle with big time consequences. Can these young dropouts hold onto the ideals of the Sixties while the establishment, with all its compromises, closes around them? Mind-blowing comedy set amidst the big ideas of the long-haired revolution.

Official Website: http://www.touchstonetheatre.com

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