4748 Western Avenue
Bethesda, Maryland 20816

Accompanied by Debu Nayak (tabla) and Madhu Vora (harmonium)
in the Golden Lotus Temple
(across the street from the Gandhi Center)
Admission: $15 paid at door
Mitali Banerjee Bhawmik, an artist of Hindustani Classical vocal music, was born in Nogaon, Assam, where she started her initial lessons in music at a very early age from Sri Ajit Dutta. Later she had the privilege of receiving extensive training of Hindustani Classical vocal music from Sri Biren Phukan in Guahati, Assam. Mitali came to Calcutta in 1983 where she initially received lessons from Srimati Meera Banerjee, the noted vocalist. Since 1984 Mitali is under the tutelage of Padmabhushan Pandit V. G. Jog the famous violin maestro.

Pandit Jog's vast and extensive experience in the different musical styles and traditions have helped Mitali to blend the best of a few Gharanas in her music in contrast to sticking to a single traditional Gharana style. This has been the essence of Pandit Jog's philosophy in music and training methodology. Mitali also received training in semi- classical (thumri, dadra, hori etc) music from Smt. Dahlia Rahut, a senior disciple of Smt. Girija Devi. www.mitali.org

Official Website: http://www.gandhimemorialcenter.org/events

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