2286 Cedar St.
Berkeley, California 94709

Join us for a fun, interactive, collaboratively developed Passover Seder at the historic Hillside Club near Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto. Details TBD based on what you contribute. Start developing in Comments while we bring up a wiki.

Added by raines on March 22, 2006



free wifi, sound system, projection. Big kitchen. Space is reserved. Setup and cleanup volunteer crews needed.


OK, wiki page created on BarCamp site:


will do our best - dont know how to cook kosher, but I can try or be a good prep cook or bring something from the deli...


Lots of people are RSVPing elsewhere, actual attendance will be higher than upcoming.org (or even the event wiki) shows.


At this point, RSVP at (510) 315-0431 to confirm what you're bringing. See y'all tonight! We'll be somewhere on the order of a couple dozen people, best guess, including some kids.