34b York Way
London, England N1 9AB

Hide&Seek hosts an evening of discussion about making pervasive games. This is a chance for makers and potential makers of pervasive games to talk about what works, what doesn't, how to get people playing, how to stop them from being run over, where to buy cheap ribbon or sports bibs, and anything else related to making and running pervasive games. It's free, but please book a ticket at:


There will be a couple of hours of 15-minute talks about different practical aspects of making pervasive games, speakers including:

* Alex Fleetwood talking about the Playmakers project
* Chris Thorpe talking about using APIs in games
* Gethan Dick talking about how to make playful collaborative artwork good
* Holly Gramazio talking about exciting things that can go wrong with your pervasive game
* James Wallis talking about storytelling and pervasive games
* Manar Hussain talking about moderating games
* Simon Katan talking about designing for the game versus designing for art

After the talks there'll be time for everyone to chat more generally about pervasive games, hunt out the speakers and ask them questions, and meet other people who make or are interested in making pervasive games.

Added by several_bees on May 20, 2009