Joiner Street
London, England SE1

We’re activating our sleeper agents and recruiting some fresh sandbaggers to put on an evening of games themed around detection, surveillance, disguise and sneaking around. Expect to see players in false moustaches swapping codewords and envelopes with trenchcoated spies, seeking out suspicious faces in the crowd, and smuggling unlikely objects past the border guards.

Come along to Shunt on Wednesday the 16th of April. Games start from around seven o’clock, and fedoras and trenchcoats are strictly optional. Entry to Shunt is £5 for the night; the games themselves are all free. If you’ve not been to Shunt before, access is through an unmarked door in the wall of Joiner Street, which actually runs through the lower level of London Bridge station.

Official Website:

Added by Kevan on April 8, 2008