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Putting some space between himself and the computer that has provided the basis for so much of his recent work, Marc Bianchi has taken the last two years to focus on what got him into music in the first place, writing connective songs and working out the layers of sound he hears in his head. The results are a new persona, XOXO, Panda, and the reinforcement of the feelings of personal and artistic freedom that drive his music. Loose and carefree arrangements of guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, shakers, glockenspiel, and drums lay the foundation for vocal storytelling sing-a-longs. XOXO, Panda And The New Kid Revival is a brilliant calling card for Her Space Holiday’s newly awakened alter-ego, and a watershed moment in his growth as a songwriter and performer.

Lymbyc Systym’s has made many new friends in the last year and a half as they’ve toured in support of their Mush Records debut, Love Your Abuser. They’ve asked some of those friends – The Album Leaf, The One AM Radio, Daedelus, This Will Destroy You, and Back Ted-N-Ted – to remix some of the material from their album. In addition Mush Records’ Black Country Bibio and Austinite Reference turn in masterful reworkings. Each artist adds their unique touches to Lymbyc Systym’s already epic source material, Working simultaneously as a companion piece to 2007’s Love Your Abuser and as a compelling album on its own, Love Your Abuser Remixed is further testament to Lymbyc Systym’s powerful presence in the instrumental music scene.

Official Website: http://lymbycsystym.com

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