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San Francisco Bay Guardian 8 Days a week Calendar 7/28/04-
"Blow your mind Back during the John Walker Lindh fiasco, Shelby Steele wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal blaming California liberalism and "subversive, winking, countercultural hipness" for Lindh's entry into the Taliban. Come on. We all know that subversive, winking, countercultural hipness doesn't make you a militant Islamic fundamentalist; it makes you want to put on that all-denim outfit, revel in relativism, and shake it with three of San Francisco's finest bands. The Monolith (dreamy harmonies, dangerous sunshine), Henry Miller Sextet (reverb, classic rock love), and Vue (power, heart, next big thing?) testify to the greatness of this state's libertine heyday. Don't we deserve it? All three care deeply about rock and would love to share it with you."

Katrina Martin Davenport

"Dealership has been lauded for their catchy riffs, pop-punk sensibilities and witty songwriting, and they live up to the hype."

You might know A.C. Newman as Carl Newman, the spry redheaded leader of The New Pornographers. That band puts Newman's brilliant songs in the hands of a varied crew of insanely talented pals; with 'The Slow Wonder,' Newman's own talents take center stage, showcasing him as a classic, if eccentric, songwriter, part of a lineage that includes Ray Davies, Johnny Rivers, Harry Nilsson, Colin Blunstone, Dave Edmunds, Andy Partridge, Wayne Coyne, Ben Folds, Britt Daniel, or any other number of guys he doesn't exactly sound like but with whom Carl could readily match wits.

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