259 Banker St.
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Hello, Nurse!

a party with

_/The Egyptian Lover – his first-ever NYC appearance
_/_/In Flagranti (Codek, Gomma)
_/_/_/Max Pask (Touch It / Knowmatic)
_/_/_/_/Duane Harriott (Negroclash, Other Music)
_/_/_/_/_/Cool Gypsy Bogdan (Turntable Lab, HasMoJazz, Nublu)
_/_/_/_/_/_/and Justin Carter and Probus, the Hello, Nurse! residents

Hellooooooooooooo, Nurse!

RE:UP magazine and New Release are back, and it’s like this: http://www.newreleasenewyork.net/doit.html. Last time Luke Vibert, Tim Sweeney, No Ordinary Monkey, the !!! DJs, Spinoza, and Justin and Probus did it til eight in the morning in a big, bad loft in Bushwick.

This time they’re taking it to Greenpoint and throwing a little history into the mix, bringing The Egyptian Lover to the main room for his first New York performance ever. Forefather of West Coast hip hop and electro—the Afrika Bambaataa of LA if you will—The Lover started out as a DJ in southern California around 1981, spinning records for Uncle Jam's Army, giving parties for over 10,000 party people at a time, introducing the west coast to electro, and laying the ground in the hip hop scene for NWA and Dr. Dre to break out. Duane Harriott sets up the night for Egypt with all kinds of funkiness from Detroit Techno to electro, and after the Lover leaves the stage, In Flagranti drops the cut-and-paste punked-out disco madness til you can’t stand it anymore.

Max Pask takes center stage in the back room, flipping genres on their heads, mixing everything that’s relevant now and turning it into what’s going to be relevant tomorrow. Seriously. Every time we see him, he kills it. Cool Gypsy Bogdan gets it rolling in with spacey, slow disco and Justin Carter and Probus, Nublu mainstays and Hello, Nurse! residents keep you dancing on the couches to everything from deep, dirty electro to funky, freaky reggae.

And guess what. It's only five dollars.



L to Bedford. One block W to Berry, and take a right. L on N 15th
St. Bear right onto Banker St. Studio B is on the right.

Ticket price:

$5 in advance / $8 at the door

Advance tickets:

Available at Etherea, Turntable Lab, Other Music, Halcyon, Sound Fix and online at TicketWeb here: http://ticketweb.com/user/?region=xxx&query=search&interface=ticketweb&newhps=1&search=egyptian&x=0&

RSVP to:

[email protected] for more info and guaranteed entry

Party websites:



Official Website: http://www.newreleasenewyork.net/hellonurse

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