32 Strawberry St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

The Hellfire Club was the popular name for a number of supposed exclusive clubs for high society rakes established all over Britain in the 18th century. These clubs were rumored to be the meeting places of "persons of quality" who wished to take part in immoral acts and the members were often very involved in politics. The clubs are still today shrouded in mystery, no one can prove many rumors associated with the Club, including its activities and members.

The Hellfire Poker Club in Philly is carrying on the tradition with a little New World flare. Texas hold'em tournament style, only sixteen seats available in the very first of many Hellfire Poker Nights sponsored by TwoGuysOnBeer.com, Phillypreneurs.com and IndyHall.com

Hellfire Poker Night:
When: Thursday Sept 30th
Where: Indy Hall (http://tinyurl.com/46pjyb)

Official Website: http://www.phillypreneurs.com/hellfire-poker-club/

Added by Phillypreneurs on July 1, 2008



Doh, I wish I found out about this before today. I can't make it out tonight but I'll try to make it out to the next game.


Don't know if it matters, but the "When" in the description above says July 10th.