117 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

The Hellfire Club was the popular name for a number of exclusive clubs for high society movers and shakers found all over 18th century Britain. These clubs were rumored to be the meeting places of “persons of quality” who wished to take part in vices, like cards, where many of the members were often very involved in business and politics, which were openly discussed at the table. The clubs are still today shrouded in mystery, no one can prove many rumors associated with the Club, including its activities and members including a certain celebrity inventor from the Colonial city of Philadelphia (before the war of course).

The Hellfire Poker Club of Philladelphia was more recently established to carry on this celebrated tradition of mixing business and pleasure in what has turned out to be a highly informal yet competitive atmosphere. At a typical card game you will find VC’s, entrepreneurs, investors, executives and generally smart people squaring off in a match of bluffing and wits.

Official Website: http://www.phillypreneurs.com/hellfire-poker-club/

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