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Presenting one of the most exciting live PA performances in the world, the Heavyweight Dub Champion experience is like no other musical liberation movement. A live mix on 50 channels of audio featuring 3 shamanistic sonic alchemists – Resurrector, Patch and Totter Todd; ceremonial guidance and hip hop divinations by Apostle; and reverence and ragga revolution represented by the mighty Stero Lion.

Firmly rooted in Hip Hop, Dancehall Dub and Electronic music, Heavyweight Dub Champion is a movement of interdimensional warriors representing the Army of the Last Champion. Their source is Primal Creative Force that is powerfully represented in music, words, visual art, and video. Through the use of ancient divination practices and sonic vibration, HDC brings the audience into a hypnotic trance that opens channels and empowers the listener. While in this state, HDC infiltrates minds and removes layers of deception, thus enabling Truth to flourish. This collective artistic performance is called the Liberation Process.

Their debut album “Survival Guide For the End of Time” is a hard-hitting slab of revolutionary consciousness that continues to galvanize a growing legion of followers across the globe. Founded high in the mountains of Colorado and now based in San Francisco, California, HDC+ have stepped-up their outreach and are taking their message to the people. Summer 2006 saw them play some of the best festivals in the US, with the highlight being Reggae on the River where they played a slamming set to a capacity crowd of over 20,000 people. Their upcoming album “Rise of the Champion Nation” (slated for release in 2007 on Champion Nation) features three tracks with the legendary KRS-ONE, and includes contributions from Killah Priest (Wu-Tang Clan), Dr. Israel, Stero Lion, Elf Tranzporter, Wailer B, DJ Illnaughty, Lady K, and many others. Heavyweight Dub Champion’s mission is simple – The Unconditional Liberation of the Human Race.

“Heavyweight Dub Champion restores all hope” – KRS-ONE

“A shamanistic wall of hip-hop dubtronica that aims to topple the foundations of modern-day Babylon” – Westword Magazine

For more, visit http://www.championnation.net or email [email protected]

Official Website: http://www.nipp.com/show/detail/4507

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