320 E. 6th St.
Austin, Texas

We're hitting the road for our favourite shindig: SXSW!

Drinks, nachos and and a twist: each guest for as long as it takes them to drink one beer.

Theme: Continuous Partial Attention
Leading tech thinker Linda Stone coined the term to describe the way many of us live. What is worth our full attention? How do we give it? For how long? Join Heather and guests at her 11th SXSW appearance for this special show. Each guest, leading indie geeks, musicians, filmmakers and attention cultivators will join Heather for as long as it takes them to drink one beer.

Guests include:
Justin Hall [links.net]
Ryanne Hodson [Ryanishungry.com]
Micki Krimmel [Mickipedia.com]
Liz Belile [yoga teacher + feminist p*rnster]
Lane Becker [Satisfaction]
Derek Powazek [8020 Publishing | JPG Magazine]
•filmmaker Doug Pray [Scratch, Big Rig]
Kent Nichols [Askaninja.com]

Comedian Heather Gold brings the talk show format into the 21st century. Heather DJs people and the show mashes up diverse thinkers, entertainers, doers and the audience around a universal theme.

Based in San Francisco, the live show regularly sells out and has been described as "This American Life in real-time."

Past guests include: CorningWare designer and past Director of Stanford’s Process of Change Lab Sara Little Turnbull, Dr. Lillian Rubin, novelist Michelle Tea and Flickr cofounder Caterina Fake, comic Betsy Salkind (The Tonight Show) and creator of Yahoo Hack Day Bradley Horowitz.

FREE just RSVP right here.

Official Website: http://www.heathergold.com

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Holy crap, I can't wait.


Yay! Can't wait.


sweet, continuous partial attention - all while drinking a beer...


don't forget the twittering... :)


amazing. thank you heather gold.