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Attract More New Patients – Grow Your Profits
– Build Your Reputation

When you attend our 2-day healthcare marketing seminar you will not only learn what works - and what doesn't - you'll also receive expert guidance from one of America's leading healthcare marketing experts. Better still, because we cap attendance, your meeting will be interactive, relevant, fun, stimulating and highly productive.

People attend our 2-day seminar for many reasons, but some of the most common goals include:

1. Multiply referrals from doctors
2. Grow your number of new patients
3. Build the organization's reputation (brand) to stand out
in a positive way
4. Ethically attract cases that reimburse well
5. Fight back against aggressive competition
6. Increase your cash and ancillary services volume
7. Support new location(s)
8. Attract cases that you enjoy or have special expertise for
9. Support new provider(s)
10. Increase your marketing effectiveness
11. Support new technologies
12. Work smarter not harder
13. Multiply patient referrals
14. Win at Internet marketing
15. Increase revenues
16. Become more profitable

Because we cap attendance, these seminars allways sell out. Call now to secure your spot, (800) 656-0907. Or register online at www.healthcaresuccess.com/2-day-conference.html.

Additional Info
Appropriate for doctors and staff, hospitals, physicians and surgeons, manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, and other health care providers.

Official Website: http://www.healthcaresuccess.com/2-day-conference.html

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