38-44 Stoke Newington Road, N16 7XJ
London, England

HEALTH are a four-piece from Los Angeles and the band that's getting punks all across the world wet in the underpants. They play a brutal, searing brand of noise-rock akin to This Heat, Men's Recovery Project and AIDS Wolf. LPs on Golden Lab (a split with EYE HAI) and Lovepump United are due this year as well as a couple of split 7"s with the awesome Crystal Castles. This is their very first UK tour. Don't miss them for anything!

EYE HAI (aka I Had An Inkling) make the loudest improv rock clatter yr likely to hear this side of the pond. Drummer Richard Morris (also of Quack Quack) provides the basis of that racket, yet is shoulder-barged into the thick of the mix by guitarist/clarinet player Nick Mitchell, Sax player/voalist Dom Clare (aka Sense or This) and bass/trombone player Dan Carney. Split LPs with Neptune and HEALTH are due this year along with myriad compilation appearances. Expect brutal free-soaring Mahavishnu-Arkestra rock of the highest calibre.

PRE are the first UK band to be signed to the amazing Providence, Rhode Island label Skin Graft. It's easy to see why once you hear them. They skree like Arab on Radar, freak-out like The Flying Luttenbachers and pound like Colossomite. They've already put out a split 7" with their Canadian buddies AIDS Wolf. Next year is the year of PRE.

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Mark Wheeler

Dan Deacon is down for this gig too.

Mark Wheeler

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