DD-35, Salt Lake
Kolkata, West Bengal 700064

"Health: The Fourth Necessity of Life" Seminar, organised by Seba Coperative Health Society, Salt Lake, Calcutta 700064 and National Insurance Co., India, on Friday , the 12th of January in presence of Sri Rupchand Pal, MP, Chairman , Parliamentary Committe on Public Undertakings.

Admission is by invitation only. Please contact Secretary, Seba for details on phone numbers +91 33 23373486/23345790.

In view of the ever-expanding health insurance business and paid health care in India, Health Care is now a fast growing industry. Formulation of regulations for it is now in active consideration of Parliament

Seba is pioneer in pre-paid health care in private sector. The parliamentary committee invited the Society to submit its experience and recommendation in a memorandum to them. The proceedings of the seminar and the experience of the society will be forwarded to the committee.

Official Website: http://www.sebahospital.org

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Dr. Sambhu Pal FRCS will also be felicitated at this event for his award at the 34th National Seminar on "Individual Achievements & National Development" on 1st Dec 2005 in New Delhi.


Dr. Pal was the only awardee from West Bengal last year.


Keynote Address


Sambhu Pal FRCS
Seba Cooperative Health Society Ltd.

An announcement of birth appeared in the personal column of The Statesman on 1st July 1982. It was for MAP. Map was Medical Assistance Plan, a health insurance policy with a difference for people who can afford private health care. The policyholder was not required to pay at the time of hospitalization treatment in SEBA, the hospital of the Society. This is the beginning of cashless treatment in private sector in India.

The Society could not make headway at that time because health care was considered to be the responsibility of state and charitable organizations; it was certainly not thought of as a commodity. Health is the 4th necessity of life after food, shelter and education. The nation has advanced in these fields and the 4th necessity is on the priority list now.

Health care is only part of the total health problem, but an important part. Providing health care is more complicated. Health insurance in present form can solve a part of it. The subject is vast and to be effective various types of organizations are mandatory. It is understandable that the market of health insurance is growing fast; it will be faster with the rapid growth of economy. Popularizing health insurance is one thing and serving them is another proposition. Vast numbers of health care providers are required to fulfill the conditions of the policies. The benefits are to be stated clearly at least in quality, quantity and cost - in a mathematical format, easily understandable and rarely creating any dispute. At the one end the policyholder receives treatment as per national protocol without hassles and at the other end the provider is paid promptly. A healthy balance is necessary on total premium earned to total amount spent on service. In our judgment negative balance is not sustainable in the long run

We have all accepted health insurance; so we are here this evening. We want more people, groups, companies and associations etc to come under this fold. This society is preferred provider for 40.000 police personals and their family members and 6 lakhs CRPF jawans and officers under group insurance. By accepting health insurance the country has committed to create sufficient number of health care providers and standardize their services as per norms of our industry. Now this specialized service is without any regulator. Who will regulate it? IRDA declined to look after the service laid down in health insurance policies; Health Care Regulatory and Development Authority is required. Health care fincial institutions are necessary. 25 years ago this Society was founded to provide health care from womb to tomb under one roof, affordable and without the need to pay at the time of suffering against an annual premium.. We were against free service and charity; in favour of professionalism and accountability, evidenced based medicine. We were ridiculed for selling medicare, making medical service a commodity. We swam against tide. Not only have we survived, but also the Society is the nation's torchbearer today.

Today we feel strongly the need for regulators. Such regulatory bodies exit in developed countries, such as the USA, Canada, E.U countries and UK. This may sound harsh to medical profession and merchants of health care industry but the country must have it.


The seminar was shifted to The Oval, Stadel, Salt Lake. at the last minute !


Welcome Address


Dr. M. B. Ghosh MD, Dip. Card. FIACM
Former Professor of Medicine
Calcutta Medical College
Vice Chairman of the Society

Sri Rupchand Pal, Sri V. Ramassamy, respected guests and members.

I on behalf of Seba Co-operative Health Society Ltd. sincerely welcome you all to this Seminar: Helth, the 4th Necessity of Life.

The venue has been selected in the lush green environment of Salt Lake City, situated at an ambient area on the eastern fringe of Kolkata.

Seba Hospital is already in the limelight as a pioneer institute in the field of insurance based health care serice. At the beginning, the idea of cash less treatment under one roof against an annual premium was appreciated by UCO Bank and New India Assurance Co. Ltd. A term loan of Rs. 40 lakhs was sanctioned by UCO Bank. In 1980, no bank was entitled to finance a health project. This had been possible as Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister, then the Governor of Reserve Bank of India allowed it as a special case. Similarly Mr. A. C. Mukherjee, Chairman, New India Assurance Ltd. supported the society with a tailor made health insurance policy Medical Assistance Plan (MAP). This was endorsed by Sri Ashoke Goenka, Chairman of General Insurance Company of India. Sri B. K. Dutta, Founder Chairman of UBI and Doyen of Banking Industry stood by the society like a rock.

The dream came true, but unfortunately Sri B. K.Chatterjee, Chairman of the UCO Bank and Sri B. K. Dutta are no longer with us. We pay our respectful homage to them.

Today the society earned the privilege to have Sri Rupchand Pal MP, Chairman of the Parliamentary Affairs Committee on Public Undertakings amongst us. He is keenly interested to take the insurance and cash less treatment to its logical end, i.e. National Health Service. We welcome his vision and effort. Each and eery member of the society is also honoured by his presence at this important seminar. The Society has been asked to send its experience to the committee. The society organised this seminar in association with National Insurance Company in response to this. The proceedings of this evening will enrich his knowledge and thoughts in this field.

A few words about our hospital may not be out of place here. Seba is a hospital with a difference. The objective of creating a hospital specially made to serve as a model health care provider is reflected in Seba. Seba believes in standard protocol of treatment based on evidence. The cost of treatment is rational and affordable in relation to the average expenditure compatible with the list of benefits of mediclaim. The present hospital wil be hundred bedded in the near future.

The society will venture a few more hospitals like Seba in the districts and sub-diisions to sere health insurance policy holders. Seba will take people around this institution with a slogan "Own your own hospital". With tese few words I welcome you all. I expect this seminar will be enriched with deliberations of eminent speakers in this field.

With warm regards and best wishes.

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