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Social networks are redefining relationships within communities in unanticipated and previously unimaginable ways. Web 2.0 tools – like blogs, wikis, podcasts, user-generated video and specialized search – are generating a fundamental shift away from the traditional flow of information as defined by payers, physicians, hospital systems, and suppliers. It is absolutely clear that we are at the start of a significant shift in demand from both consumers and providers for better information and easier ways to share experiences.

Stakeholders in health care must immediately begin to confront the decision of how to interact with these new technologies and networks, and potentially adopt and integrate them into their strategies for growth.

Will HEALTH 2.0 grow into an independent industry sector, be subsumed into the current healthcare system, or create a new hybrid landscape? Be part of the conversation!

RAPID-FIRE DEMOS from innovative companies covering:

> connecting physicians to each other
> fostering new online patient communities
> designing health-focused search engines
> providing health care tools for consumers

PERSPECTIVES from traditional organizations such as insurers, employers and pharmaceutical manufacturers who are experimenting with these new technologies.

TOUGH QUESTIONS posed to prestigious panelists and industry pioneers who are using the latest technologies to extend boundaries and challenge preconceptions about healthcare as we know it.

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