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* You don't have to dance to enjoy the evening, which includes 2 select drinks and a light buffet served from 8PM to 10PM
Everyone is welcome to stay and enjoy the rest of the night at the Copacabana

Healing the Children is a volunteer, non-profit organization that provides health care to Latin American children and children of Third Waif Countries. Our efforts are divided into two programs; Missions Abroad and State Side Care. MISSIONS ABROAD Each year over thirty teams of doctors, nurses and allied personnel travel to countries to supply surgical treatment to children with deft lips and palates, club feet, bum scars, heart problems, urological diseases, and many other disfiguring or congenital deformities. Donations of surgical supplies, medications, and anesthetic materials are allocated from supporting hospitals and health care companies prior to each trip. Any unused medical supplies are left behind and donated to the hosting hospitals. The teams put tremendous effort in preparing for funding and donations for every trip. Collectively our radical missions teams screen over 10,000 children each year and provide surgery on approximately 3,000 of the children. This program was started in 1983 and is now in its 20th year.

STATE SIDE CARE When our organization was first started, we were arranging for children from Third World Countries with heart disease to come to the United States for surgical treatment. The program has grown and made tremendous strides. We now provide many types of surgical treatment for children. Each month, more than 20 children are sponsored to come to this country for treatment that would otherwise be unavailable to them in their home country. We also sponsor an annual air lift program transporting groups of children via a chartered plane. Many times over the years, life threatening situations have occurred where we have been the last hope for a child from a Third World Country.

Through these programs Healing the Children has grown into a international brotherhood. Not only do we have chapters and doctors throughout the world, we have treated a countless number of children from each continent. Although our philosophy is to treat one child at a time, but our needs are far greater. We depend on donations, gifts and fundraisers like this nights event to make this all happen. Please help us!!


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