800 Chestnust St.
San Francisco, California 94133

"He Loved to Make Her Laugh," SFAI DIEGO RIVERA GALLERY Art Show Opening of works by Rocky McCorkle

5-7 PM, Tuesday, Feb 7, 2006 Free Drinks/Snacks and Open to the Public

The public is invited to the free weekly Tuesday public art opening at the Diego Rivera Gallery. While viewing artwork themed around Rocky McCorkle's "He Loved to Make Her Laugh," drink wine with Diego Rivera's famous fresco in the background. All of this happens while networking with top up and coming artists in the San Francisco art scene.

SFAI is proud to present the latest work of its students in an ongoing series of exhibitions in SFAI's Diego Rivera Gallery.

He Loved To Make Her Laugh demonstrates the extent to which the mythic language of cinematic genres has permeated the American consciousness. These images materialize a growing awareness of how an image-saturated capitalist culture affects the way we perceive our material flesh. Visual media has covered-up the disparity between glossy visual projections and living realities, which ultimately are threatening our organic living reality. Rocky McCorkle's In-Camera, Jerry Uelsmann style, double exposures and large format scenes were staged and shot over a period of six months. He Loved To Make Her Laugh, originates a reality, which is ironically obsessed with creating it's own reality. Rocky McCorkle is an internationally exhibited, local fine art photographer whose images have appeared in Photography Forum and was selected by Fotograf, an acclaimed photography magazine in Prague, as an important emerging artist. Rocky McCorkle currently has work on display at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and an upcoming show in June at the Carnegie Museum in Kentucky.

Every Tuesday during the semester there is an artist talk at noon in the Diego Rivera Gallery and at 5:00pm an opening reception. Both the talk and the reception are open to the public.

Anyone drinking wine must be 21+ years of age. There are alternative beverages for anyone under 21.

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