1140 Connecticut Avenue N.W.
Washington DC, District of Columbia 20007

HBO & The Comedy Festival in Las Vegas are in search of it's next contestants for The Lucky 21 Showcase for 2007. This show will feature performances from several local comedians. One person will be selected to represent The DC Improv Comedy Club at the regionals against other clubs. So come out and support your local comedy scene and help us make it to The Finals.

Tonight's line-up includes:

#Erin Jackson - Armed with a megawatt smile and an extremely clever sense of humor, Erin Jackson is poised to take the world of comedy by storm! Equal parts sarcasm and insightful commentary, Erins laid-back style quickly made her a crowd favorite in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore metropolitan areas. She recently won the Oxygen TV Network ??s "So You Think You re Funny?" Contest, and can be heard regularly on the XM Satellite Radio Comedy Channel. Erin is currently peddling her comedic wares at clubs and colleges all around the country.

# Chris White - Chris White was born in 1976. He is the greatest writer of short biographical paragraphs to ever live. Chris White gave up a career in the high-paying and sexy field of Washington, D.C., journalism to become a highly paid and sexy comedian. He's had a pretty good life without much hardship, so mostly he lies about things. In 2007 he was featured on "Last Comic Standing 5" and participated in Comedy Central's Open Mic Fight.

# Seaton Smith - Seaton C. Smith is not a typical gun toting African-American youth destroying our country. He is a man of the people. Some say he is a man of the little people. But he always side steps such hefty titles when he wittily replies, "Just get me my chicken wings and shut up."He is a blend of truth, weird, pain, and fun.What s most important to Seaton is that through his short career he s been honored with compliments from some of the greats in the comedy industry such as Bobby Slayton, Tommy Davidson, and Eddie Brill. He ultimate goal, above all else, is to one day be that guy who s name is "dropped" in other people s biographies. Currently he resides in Washington DC.

# Jared Stern - Strangers laugh at him. Whether it s a crowd of 40, 400, or 4000, Jared is making audiences laugh up and down the east coast and beyond. His mild-mannered style and sardonic observations are the cornerstones of his act. He has worked with greats like Louis CK, Richard Lewis, and Bobby Slayton. Some call his comedy "cerebral", others "intestinal", and still others attribute it to an overactive thyroid. Interesting note: an anagram for his name is Darn Jester ... coincidence? Probably.

# Randolph T -Formerly of Texas but now making his home in the DC area, Randolph is a consummate performer and pure professional on stage. "When an audience is completely locked into me and waiting for the punch line....that's the moment I live for," he says.Randolph was a two-time finalist in the "Funniest Person in Austin" contest and the winner of The DC Improv open mike contest for 2004.His mantra comes from Woody Allen: "If people come away relating to me as a person, rather than just enjoying my jokes, if they come away wanting to hear me again no matter what I might talk about, then I'm succeeding."

# Rob Maher - Rob Maher's comedy is a good book, a glass of single malt scotch, a comfortable pillow, a secluded adult bookstore, a Jimi Hendrix solo, a scene from Apocalypse Now, a pay per view prison riot and the sun setting over the ocean. It's everything you ever wanted or needed. Rob was a 2007 Regional Finalist for Comedy Central's Open Mic Fight. He has opened for Charlie Murphy, Frank Caliendo, Lewis Black and Jim Breuer. So go see Rob Maher. Pay lots of money to see Rob Maher. You earned it. You deserve it. Do the right thing. He's Rob Maher and you're welcome.

# Joe Robinson - After placing in the both the 2006 "D.C. Comedy Showcase" and the 2006 "Funniest Person in Baltimore" competition, Joe Robinson most recently was the winner of the Arlington Drafthouse competition. He is a regular on the Mickey, Amelia and Spiegel Show on Baltimore's 98 Rock, and he's a co-host on 98 Rock's Ravens post-game show.

# Jon Mumma - Inspired by the comedic geniuses of Brian Regan and Jim Gaffigan, Jon’s clever and autobiographical material has become a DC favorite. In 2006, he won the “DC Improv Comedy Showcase” and went on to open for Todd Barry, Judah Friedlander, and Kevin Pollack. He has performed on the Comics on Duty Tour and can be heard on the XM Satellite Radio comedy channel.

Official Website: http://www.dcimprov.com

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