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Durga Temple is playing with some bad ass touring bands this saturday night. Each band is ridiculous live in their own right, we're going to have scorecards at the door to see who's the baddest.

Hazard County Girls are a 3 piece from New Orleans sounding like a party where L7 is jamming on some Pentagram and Suplecs.

"The Hazard County Girls ain't got nothin' to do with the General Lee or Daisy Dukes, and everything to do with music of chance, risk and peril. This rock trio started on the New Orleans entertainment scene and has been rounding the Deep South music circuit, landing big gigs with the talented likes of Dick Dale and Dead Moon. " - Druid City Online

"They recalled The Melvins when they utilized sparse guitar playing and heavy bass grooves. They recalled Sonic Youth when the guitar and bass lines were repetitive, which produced a sensual, spacey mood. And, they recalled Nirvana when they would just let it all loose and rock out at the end of a song. What I'm trying to say, in a long winded way, is that they're good, and you should go see them." - Liveneworleans.com


Throttlerod is a band I saw open for COC way back in their first year in South Carolina. They've put in years of shows, mutliple releases and have one of the most diverse catalogs in heavy underground rock to prove it. Check out who they've played with on their bio to see they can rock any crowd.

live review Tubevision.com:

I particularly enjoyed the Throttlerod set since I haven't been able to catch any of their recent shows in the area. The set was a cool mix of old stuff and a few of the new songs. If I'm not completely crazy I think the band did a cover of U2's "Bullet the Blue Sky." I haven't had a chance to completely review my tape. I did however check out again the big climax to the Throttlerod set which was an eight minute throwdown that the band threw down following Matt's final "Good Night - Thanks for Coming" farewell. There`s no real "song" in the video, the band launches into an eight-minute instrumental meltdown that ended with them leaving the stage one at a time until the throbbing hum of the bass was the only thing left. I thought other folks would enjoy see this cool rock freakout so I cooked up a video and posted it.

Throttlerod 6/7/2006 Live at McCormack's (http://www.tubevision.com/Throttlerod020706.wmv)

another live review:
I had to call in sick to work the morning after the Richmond VA THROTTLEROD/Isabelle`s Gift show- that was a drunken blast. The bar owner gave the entire house rounds of some rum & coke shooters then about 30 minutes later a round of PBR-shotguns... ha! Both bands were really fired up and loud, real good crowd for midnight on a Monday. That show was a hell of a lot of fun, and it took me like 36 hours to recover-oof.



Year Long Disaster is the biggest rock coming outta LA thats not fucking around with A&R and MTV. Sounding like Soundgarden covering T-Rex and the New York Dolls, they dont fuck around. Check out their tour schedule for proof. Then check out their bio for more unbelievable shit, seriously: the drummer's other band cant reach this level of rock.

EP review from Riffrock.com:

"Year Long Disasters self titled debut falls somewhere between the old school stoner grooves of Karma to Burn and the current retro-classic rock of bands like Wolfmother. The former is due to Mullins, whose bass playing remains distinct and distinctly awesome. The low end, backed by Brad Hargreaves drumming, gives singer/guitarist Daniel Davies the chance to indulge some righteous guitar noodling. Davies voice takes on a Plant-like wail, one of those pleaded-yet-forceful styles that`s aggressive enough for the guys and gets the ladies wet. The bottom line peopleve been crying the loss of Karma to Burn since they broke up, and Year Long Disaster is about as worthy a successor as possible Excellent stuff. Go get it."



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