1101 MacLeod Trail SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 2M8

now that haymarket has been operational for a month and we've got most of the kinks out of the operation, it's time for... a grand opening!

the grand opening will run friday october 13 through sunday october 15. in keeping with the longstanding tradition of having a sale for grand openings, all books (except consignment) will be 10% off, with bigger discounts on selected items.

and there'll be entertainment too! the friday night will feature live music, saturday will have deejays and sunday night is the calgary premier screening of "grilled cheese sandwich", a movie about teens who take on their high school's corporate food services supplier with the power of free sandwiches and the diy ethic.

as usual, we'll open at 10am but closing time for the grand opening will be later. how late? that depends on when the last person leaves...

Official Website: http://haymarketcafe.org

Added by frymaster on October 4, 2006