801 Minnesota St. #8
SAN FRANCISCO, California 94107

------------------- Potluck at the Hatfactory ---------------
Bring Whatever You Want (BWYW) However, to avoid meatloaf overages, you might better say what you are bringing in the comments.

7:00 till late. Party ends when it ends (if it ends).

We'll have some food, we'll have some booze, we'll have some beers. ...and bring your holiday hat!

------------------- About the Hatfactory ---------------
The Hatfactory is like an office, except *twisted* for us freelance folk. At the Hatfactory we congregate, produce, code, cowork, and socialize. Checkout the video on our website: http://hatfactory.net

Actually there's a whole vibrant community of "coworking" in SF --> and everywhere, actually. If you're interested, 'join' on http://groups.google.com/group/coworking

Added by transitmonger on November 27, 2006



Sorry...we can't be there...:( We have another event that night.


so wish i could come, but i'm out of town that evening. happy holidays!


ok so the community is vibrant. but is it -dynamic-?

and is it detail-oriented?

is this community a self-starter?


I'm a maybe, hoping to make it on the later side.

irina slutsky

this community is twisted like my underwears


nothing is as twisted as your underwears, Irina. were that proudly!


I'm detail oriented about the dirt in my belly button, if you were wondering.