180 Capp Street, 3rd Floor, @ 17th St.
San Francisco, California

haterade: a night of comedy from comics who hate
a night of comedy to celebrate & be a hater. from comics who hate, for people who hate. because hating brings us together.

hater comics for the evening:

sheng wang
chris garcia
samantha chanse
nico santos
ali wong
tony dijamco

& more haters.

join us for the hate-fest!!

because love is overrated.

see you there.

SAT, Apr 8, 2006 8:00pm
space180 - 180 Capp Street, 3rd Floor (@17th Street), San Francisco
Admission: $10

SAMANTHA CHANSE is a comic & performer who moved to the bay area in 2001 and has been bitching about the weather ever since. performing at sf venues like 50 mason, cobbs, punchline, locus, & space180, she has seriously honed her hate over the years. you can visit her at whiskeyandacigarette.org, or her content-challenged myspace page.

For over eleven years, TONY DIJAMCO has made a name for himself onthe national comedy scene by blending his extensive and explosive stage presence with his one of a kind, sardonic sense or humor. And don't let that "boy next door" facade fool you, either. Time and time again, he has proven that no subject is too personnal and no topic is beyond approach. And neither Tony nor his fans would have it any other way.

SHENG WANG is seriously silly. Born in Taipei and raised in Houston, he performs comedy based on personal experiences with intense honesty and ill logic. His refreshingly affable stage presence combined with a healthy penchant for absurdity and self deprecation make his comedy universally accessible. Over the past two years, he has quickly risen to become a regular at local comedy clubs, such as the Punchline, Cobbs, and the Purple Onion. www.myspace.com/shengwang

In her teddy bear buns, Adidas jacket and baggy pants, ALI WONG disarms the audience, before complaining about her vagina getting dusty, having to masterbate with a swiffer, and how sucking on flacid penis is a lot like playing chubby bunny. But she is best known for her imitations of white Rainbow Grocery shoppers in dreadlocks, reflections on Muni and fish sauce pride. Known in the stand-up community as "the woman who has been fuckin' shit up", Ali Wong has attracted a large fan base that has described her comedy as "fresh, empowering, and fucking hilarious." Visit www.ALIWONG.com.

Apr 8, 2006 8:00pm
space180 - 180 Capp Street, 3rd Floor (@17th Street), San Francisco
Admission: $10
Info: www.locusarts.org or [email protected]

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