1222 Commonwealth Avenue
Allston, Massachusetts

This is sort of the first show I've ever booked. These are three great bands. I went ahead and put this show together because I think all three of these bands are excellent in the same way. What they all share, and what impresses me about them, is their range. Each band writes pretty songs that you can hum on your way home from the show, then spirals off into weirdness and feedback. Then you might have a bridge with a fucked up rhythm. And the next song might be a punky little screamer. And they do all of these things well.

I like coherent bills. I think that if you know you like one of these bands, you should check them all out, because there's a decent chance you'll like all of them.

18+, $6. Check it out.

Added by stevegis on June 29, 2006



Steve rocks. I am always amazed at the sheer number of shows he makes it out to each week. Nice to see someone who is such an immense fan of music also putting a show together.

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